Integrate user acquisition and retention and get a unique vision of your app’s marketing.


Designed for marketing professionals focused on tangible results.

We make technology transparent so you can focus on the analysis of information and make decisions based on results.

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You already know that your marketing is more effective if you customize it. But, how much? 2%? 4%?

We provide tools such as granular segmentation, and dynamic content can show you where the limit is.

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Get a complete view of your marketing to manage the complete life cycle of your users.

Find out who downloads your app, analyze its behavior and send personalized messages from a single platform.

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Your active users are worthless if you can’t find the quick way to discard those who contribute nothing to your business and motivate those who can become customers. The complete view of the user’s life cycle is key to identify them quickly and scale your App.


Customizing your content is essential to generate a relationship with your users that allows you to build loyalty. To do it well you need to communicate at the right time, with the right message. We can help you to stop sending general messages and know what your customers really want.


Your marketing could be better, simpler and results oriented. Just like our customers.
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Attribution | Uninstalls | Audiences | Anti-fraud
Analytics | Funnels | A/B Test | API | Automation
Push Notifications | In-App Messages | Native Ads | Mobile CRM
Understand who your users are and how they use your App. Identifying your most profitable media sources from the beginning is essential to get the most out of your acquisition budget.
Analyze what is working and what is not to make the appropriate adjustments and squeeze every penny of ROI. Using analysis tools such as Funnels or A/B Test you can set up your experiments and analyze them with great detail.
Send enriched Push Notifications and create irresistible In-App Messages. Goal-oriented and always improving the efficiency of your App. Supported by a complete report of results.
EMMA integrates more than 1,500 media sources to make the attribution of your organic and non-organic installs easy. To do this, we block fraudulent installs and identify uninstalls.
Through granular segmentation with more than 100 different filters you can create the perfect audience of users to analyze. Validate results and their behavior pattern; then create automated rules to communicate and optimize.
You have 8 fully customizable and automated formats to impact your users at the right time to evolve in their life cycle within your App.

Success stories

Our mission is to grow the mobile business of our customers in an innovative way, honestly, with a close relationship and always looking for excellence.

Boost loyalty card

We achieve a significant migration of customers to the App increasing opening rates and deliverability.

  • From 28.000 clients using its App to 118.000 in the first half of 2019.
  • From 30.000 active users in 2018 to 45.000 in the first half of 2019 (x1,5).
  • 22,32% open ratio in personalized messages con más de un with more than 40% access to the promotion.

Increase sales through its App

We improve loyalty by personalizing communication with each user.

  • 30% increase in conversion rate.
  • 55% reduction in user verification costs.
  • 14% increase in 3-month retention rate.

Double sales through its App

We improve the acquisition by accelerating the process and increasing the number of purchases.

  • 65% more active users with 150% more openings of the application during the first quarter.
  • 40% more user registrations increasing the number of buyers by 110%.
  • 30% increment of 90-day user retention, which represents increase of more than 70% in its previous retention.


It measures all the installs of your App, organic and non-organic correctly attributed to each media source to be able to optimize your acquisition budget easily.

Push Notifications

Send personalized Push Notifications to your users with the perfect message at the right time to build loyalty with your users and increase the number of active users.

In-App Messages

Show personalized messages to your users when they access your App, segmenting the appropriate audience for each message. Without technological dependencies and with the most attractive format to motivate the conversion.


Crea reglas automáticas para comunicarte con tus usuarios cuando realizan un evento o cambia su información, justo en el momento preciso del ciclo de vida de tus usuarios.


Segment your users in a granular way to analyze their behavior or to communicate with them. Share audiences with partners like Facebook and keep them updated at all times to impact inactive users.


Block fraud in your media sources and avoid paying for installs you don’t want or need. Reduce the spending on your acquisition budget to squeeze every drop of ROI.


Are you creating effective push notifications? Are you reaching the right users? Find out how to create a winning strategy with our guide.

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