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Advanzed segmentation

Finding the answer to your questions does not mean having to make long queries; It’s a matter of being clear about your business objectives.

EMMA Segments is the engine for user segmentation and audience creation with greater granular capacity.

Intelligent and dynamic predefined segments

Our segmentation engine based on user behavior and attributes, uses machine learning to identify behavior patterns and create custom user segments for your App that may be useful.

What is a loyal user for you? What user segment is about to uninstall my App?

These are the questions that help you answer EMMA Segments by using more than 100 different filters that allow you to reach a level of granularity never seen before in the industry; filters on types of devices, location, actions made by the user, attributes of their user profile or even how their interaction with the acquisition or loyalty campaigns has been.

Any data that you can know about your users can be crossed at the moment with the rest of the information and obtain a segment, always dynamic, of the type of users you are looking for.

Holistic segmentation

Each of its users is unique.

Knowing what each one is most interested in, helps you stay relevant.

EMMA Holistic Segmentation is the first in the industry that reinvents the way you segment your users.

You can use any previously performed behavior, any device feature or user attribute.

Any information about your source campaigns or your interactions with your communication or Re-Targeting campaigns.

All, and each one of them is another possibility for your holistic segmentation.

Automatic segmentation with RFM

For any mobile marketing specialist, segmentation is the basic and fundamental strategy of your business.

EMMA’s Recency, Frequency and Monetization analysis (RFM) is an automated segmentation tool that analyzes your users based on a specific event carried out recently and frequently.

EMMA clearly tells you who your loyal users are, how they hibernate and those at high risk according to their purchase history, opening frequency and use of the App, and much more. All to predict and improve your conversions.