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Analyze and optimize your capture channels to acquire profitable users.

Measure and analyze all your acquisition campaigns in real time under a single attribution criterion and avoid messes and waste of time by analyzing each channel separately.

Unified attribution

Measure all your media sources with a single attribution window to analyze your user acquisition in a consolidated way.

EMMA integrates with more than 1,500 traffic sources to measure all your user acquisition channels (organic and paid). This avoids things like duplicate attribution and allows you to optimize your fundraising budget.

Always under a unique and unified criteria defined by your Marketing team for you and only for you.

Measure all your users acquired

Correctly allocate each install of your app, organic and paid campaigns, to each media source and optimize your acquisition budget.

After install, the attribution of In-App events such as registration or conversions for sale will allow you to measure the actual performance of each campaign, associating each event with its traffic source. This way you can optimize your real ROI.

Smart links with Powlink

EMMA simplifies the creation of your campaigns with POWLINK smart links that allow you to direct each user to the correct store, a landing or to a specific section of your app with a single link.

In addition these links are dynamic. You can modify the redirection in real time without having to republish all your URLs. of tracking and manage from your dashboard any unforeseen in an agile and simple way.

Integrated Facebook & Google

EMMA integrates natively with the leaders of advertising, Facebook and Google, to measure the performance of your campaigns in a unified way with your own attribution window.

EMMA is integrated with more than 1,500 AdNetworks and DSPs, including self-attributed networks such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. To do this you just have to insert your ID and EMMA will be integrated showing you all the information, including the campaign cost.

Personalized Links

Our fully flexible tracking links can be to customized with your URL in order to provide more security to your users when clicking on your ads, assuring them that you are the advertiser.

These links can be long or short, or even a QR code that you can publish in offline formats so you can measure any traffic source. The source of your users will be controlled at all times.

Deeplink for your links

It is no use spending money on user acquisition if in the end you cannot personalize your experience. That’s why it is so important to show content linked to your ad. That way, you can improve your conversion rates.

EMMA tracking links allow you to drive your user to the specific screen of your App using deeplinks and the latest technology from Apple and Google (Universa Link and App Link).