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Define dynamic user segments and share them with your partners.

EMMA helps you to identify the different patterns of behavior of your users and classify them in different audiences to be able to impact them and analyze them in detail separately.

Smart audiences

Our audience tool allows you to create segments of your App users using smart rules.

This way you can run custom retargeting campaigns, campaigns with lookalike segmentations or campaigns with excluded user lists.

Each audience is updated daily and you can share it between your different partners easily.

Dynamic audiences

EMMA allows you to create a dynamic segment of users to define your audience.

You can rely on:

  • Time ranges
  • User behavior (In-App Events)
  • User attributes (Tags)
  • Device attributes

With more than 100 different filters you can create the perfect audience for your campaign. This way, every time a user complies with your rules, they will become part of each audience (or will leave).

Always, in real time.

Retargeting partners

With EMMA you can share your audiences daily with the partners whom you have decided, in order to optimize your actions.

That way they are always updated. EMMA is integrated with different partners such as Facebook to make life easier.

You can share your audience exclusively, divide them between several partners or download them in CSV files to share through different channels.