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Create automatic action rules for your Push Notifications and In-App Messages.

EMMA Rules is the perfect Automation Marketing technology to flow communication with the users of your App. Send Push, update their profile, send events to your backend system. Everything, in its right moment.

Automatic and effective communication

If a user does THIS I should do or say THAT. That is the true automation marketing. With EMMA Rules you can create IF-THEN rules based on the behavior of your users, their profile or the characteristics of their devices. Everything to communicate with them automatically.

And yes, you can do all this from your control panel, on the web, without programming a single line of code. Can you see it?
Our automation marketing tool is simple, fast and friendly.

True marketing automation

EMMA Rules is a real automation marketing tool designed 100% for mobile apps.

Our recipes, contemplate the most common actions to automate your communications, update user profile data or communications with your external systems and backend of the App.

Available by default, so you can customize them with your marketing and communication actions and campaigns.

That way automate your marketing is a matter of minutes.


EMMA Rules, with its IF-THEN rules is the perfect way to automate your App marketing.

You just have to adjust the user segments, conditions and actions to be executed and we will do the rest.

Automatically, of course, as its benefits.

Automatic benefits

Automated actions
Define your relational plan, program your rules and forget about its execution.

Fast communication
Communicate directly with your users without using additional time.

Integrated life cycle
Integrate your App with other channels by executing actions through APIs.


Scheduled for any event, standard or customized. You will have no limit to create the perfect rule to automate your App.

Open user profiles

Update user information automatically with tags. Automation rules based on your CRM/BI data.


Marketing push for automated geofencing. Send Push Notifications automatically.

Impacts control

Set up your conditions to execute your rules: from the number of executions or the period in which the event was executed to control the impact on your users.

Automation API

Launch In-App campaigns automatically when the user does some action, inside or outside your App. You have no limit to communicate at the right moment.

In-App messages

Displays different In-App messages after the automatic execution of events, or after modifying the user profile information.