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Mobile CRM

Unify the data of your users online and offline to create a user-centered strategy.

It doesn’t matter where your users’ data comes from; from the App, from external systems, by manual loading… EMMA has the perfect system to centralize information and take advantage of it.

Unify the data of all your channels with EMMA

Your customers use different devices to interact with you and your brand. Of course, also outside your Apps.

EMMA user profiles help you combine user behavior and attributes across different devices and channels so you can run even smarter campaigns.

Thanks to our user profiles, if, for example, you identify users in your CRM as “music lovers” while they browse your website, you can enrich their profiles with the “Music = 10” attribute to send a direct message to their mobile device.

Retain faithful users

With EMMA you can build user retention, rewarding your most loyal users.

Send special offers to your advanced users or to the loyalty card holders.

For example, send loyal users (customers who have logged in at least 5 times in the last 30 days) a reminder of their credit in your App.

High fidelity

With EMMA you can increase the loyalty and conversion of your users thanks to our user profiles that build your Mobile CRM.

Write personalized messages based on the user profile information that EMMA automatically fills or based on the profile information it has sent from external systems.

Combine user profiles with user behavior patterns to create user segments and audiences in your Mobile CRM so you can increase their loyalty and help them in the conversion to your mobile business.