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Everything you need to make the most of EMMA.

Detailed information on using EMMA, developer resources, check the service status at any time, and contact our support team if you have any questions or issues.



Learn all about our tool.

Discover how to make the most of each feature and function to achieve your marketing goals.


Technical information for developers.

How to use our EMMA API, SDKs to customize EMMA and make it more effective for your needs.


Real-time service status.

Stay informed that your campaigns are running smoothly and without interruptions.

Manage your account

Manage account security, users, permissions, invoices, support tickets, and more.

Integrate the EMMA SDK.

Perform your SDK integration, in-app events, and data delivery options.

Introduction to EMMA dashboards

Consult all the data from your application in a quick and visual way to know what’s happening in your App.

EMMA basics

Review attribution concepts, learn about the AppsFlyer platform, and work with agencies.

Apptracker and campaign creation

Manage all your campaigns and sources to know the exact origin of your users.

Create and link Audiences

Boost the efficiency of your retargeting and acquisition campaigns by creating and connecting segments with their partner networks.

Create the perfect journey with Customer Journey

Create automated communication flows based on the lifecycle of your users.

EMMA In-App messaging

Discover the different InApp formats available to impact users in your App.

Configure partner integration

How to use our EMMA tool with the main advertising platforms.

Apple Search Ads

Google Ads

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