Uncover the drop of users in your conversion flow and increase your ROI.

Track detailed user flows and what are the key steps for your App.

Funnels for marketing professionals

Conversion funnels allow you to identify how users navigate your App and where they drop before converting. They help you draw a flow of actions performed by the user and answer the most difficult questions:

How long does it take for my users to update?
Where do users fall after registering?
What do users do after converting?

The analysis of your conversion funnels can be critical if you want to create an effective registration flow or if you want to clearly identify where users drop after registering and before buying.

Segmented funnels analysis

Different users tend to follow different paths to conversion.

Do users acquired on Facebook convert faster than organic? If I send them a Push Notification with a promotion, will they convert more than the others?

EMMA Funnels allows you to restrict funnel analysis to specific user segments so you can create optimal funnels.

Use a combination of user behaviors and attributes to identify the most valuable conversion paths.

Funnels control group

Divide your conversion funnels to compare between users of a defined user segment based on their behavior and attributes, and their control group.

Do users in America convert faster than users in Europe? Are Android users more likely to make a purchase?

Identifying custom properties to compare conversions can be a very valuable strategy for the growth of your App. You can even customize the conversion window if necessary.

Analyze time between user actions

How long does it take an user from when he install your App until he converts?

Measure how much time passes between the different steps of your conversion funnel to calculate the necessary investment and estimate the investment return times.

In addition, you will identify which are the best moments to boost the communication that motivates your users to reduce these times between steps and will accelerate the conversion time.