A/B test

Experience, learn and quickly optimize your App.

With EMMA A/B Test you can create up to 10 alternatives to evaluate and choose the best creatives and texts for your communications.

Infinite experiments. Concrete results.

Perform experiments in your communications with EMMA A/B Test to show up to 10 different versions to a segment of users and get clear results to decide which is the winning version.

The A/B Test and data-based marketing are the perfect partners.This way you can trust your decisions without any doubt by joining intuition and data.

Improve your mobile experience

A/B testing on mobile devices is a continuous process.

Analyze your users, understand their motivations to use your App. Create the perfect experience that really interests your users and evaluate the KPIs to continue creating value.

Designing, building and testing Apps has never been so easy.

Experience with your strategy

Your mobile marketing strategy can be a continuous experiment.

Marketing has to do especially with having the right conversation with your users.

With the EMMA A/B Test you can send multiple versions of the same message and see which version creates the greatest impact on your users, on the chosen audience.

Optimal marketing tactics based on A/B tests aim to significantly increase your primary KPI metrics.

Experience with live user segments

Activate your messages when a user becomes part of one of your defined user segments, just when their activity matches the criteria they have selected.

For example, send a message when the user has completed a reservation or purchase.

Next, look at the results in real time.

Establish your hypothesis

Should I send messages to a segment of users between 18 and 30 years old at 10am or at 5pm?

Will emojis work for my industry?

What functionality do my users use most? A? B?

How are the Android CTRs vs. iOS?

Solve your doubts

Whether it is the development of new functionalities or generating greater use of the App by the user, what separates the success from failure is the ability to send the right message to the right audience.

EMMA helps you quickly validate your hypothesis and easily modify the results.

You can choose the age group, location, device type, delivery time and much more.

Test your hypothesis

Testing variations of the same message should not be a difficult process or take a long time.

Experimentation is the core of innovation.

Your users are evolving. And you should too.

Get results

EMMA gives you the ability to access your customers’ comments in real time.

With the A/B tests you can compare up to 10 different versions of a marketing campaign.

We have a winner!

Instantly check what features or products of your App are the ones your users are using and liking the most.

Decide how to adjust your future actions and communications, or how much you want to spend on your next campaign and create a valuable long-term relationship with your users.

The winner takes it all!