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Build loyalty

Loyalty your users through a fluid and personalized communication to turn them into recurring customers.

Communicating with your users is essential to generate a relationship that allows you to build loyalty. To do it well you need to communicate at the right time, with the right message.

EMMA provides you with powerful Push & In-App communication tools that allow you to customize and automate your communication by providing the best possible user experience.

With a single objective: to turn your users into loyal customers.

Push notifications

Send personalized Push Notifications to your users with the perfect message at the right time.
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In-App messages

Send relevant notifications within the App based on the identity and behavior of the user.
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Native Ads

Display communications to your users fully integrated in your App design to offer the best possible use experience.
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Mobile CRM

Centralize all the data of your users online and offline to create a user-centered marketing strategy.
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