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In-App messages

The best time to communicate with your users is when they open your App.

That’s why In-App messages are so effective. With EMMA In-App messaging, you have up to 7 different formats full of options to create the perfect message and measure its efficiency instantly.

Take your app to a new level with EMMA’s In-App messaging

EMMA In-App messaging tools will take your app efficiency to a new level.

The most powerful segmentation engine in the entire industry, with more than 100 different filters allows you to create audiences to impact your users. Based on the type of device, its location, its behavior or the information you have from external systems, EMMA creates the perfect segment for your communications.

From there, 7 powerful different formats allow you to create the ideal content for each user, customized to the smallest detail.

Increase retention

Say hello to your new users and help them immediately to see the value in their app. Continue a permit request and see how your retention rate soars.

Generate loyal users

In-App messages are the perfect way to show all the best features of your App and make your users become authentic evangelizers of your app.


The incomparable segmentation capabilities of EMMA make our In-App messages the perfect way to send personalized content to each user.

Segmentation and automation

Segmenting your messages in the App to lead them to a specific audience allows you to send more relevant content to the users of your App.

In addition, you can create automated messages within your app that are displayed when a user performs a specific action.

These personalized messages have a click-through rate (CTR) of 18% instead of the average 10% that In-App messages get.

All types of formats

EMMA has 7 different formats with different relevance for the user. That way you can choose the most suitable for each communication.

Full-screen formats are perfect for large ads while banners, higher or lower, are the best option for a more subtle approach.

Ease of matchless use

Send notifications and In-App messages with rich content such as images, gifs, video or audio that are perfectly processed on any device regardless of size and type.

Measure the performance of each message

Quickly visualize the efficiency in the conversion funnel to a specific action or analyze all the data in a complete way: deliveries, clicks, click-through rates, conversions, post-message events,…

You can track the specific objectives of the campaign, including the income, daily, weekly and monthly trends of each campaign.

And of course, you can automate your reports to receive them by email in your inbox periodically.

WYSIWYG editor

With our campaign editor WYISWYG you can create a new message instantly previewing it in real time.

Change colors, fonts, images and sounds to make sure each message matches the look you want.

But you don’t just control the appearance. Define the behavior, the priority of each communication and the limit of impacts so as not to saturate your users.

Data capture

Automatically measure visits, clicks and post-communication events of all messages and add information to the profile of your users.


Create messages in several languages. EMMA automatically detects the user’s language and displays the appropriate message.

Personalizados messages

Add the name, location, title or age of your users to create a fully personalized message.

Test A/B

Try up to 10 different combinations of your campaigns and analyze their performance to choose the winning campaign.


Create automatic campaigns to show the user when they perform a certain action and show the perfect message just in time.

Control group

Control the impacts to your users by creating a control group and limiting the impressions of your messages daily, weekly and/or monthly.