Success story:

How imagin increases sales through its App.

We improve loyalty by personalizing communication with each user.


Imagin is a youth-oriented mobile banking app. It combines financial products, experiences and digital content, with an offer in mobility, technology, travel, leisure or music.


Customize engagement and maximize transactions.


Advanced segmentation to target different products to different customer profiles through EMMA’s alternative advertising spaces.


30% increase in conversion rate

55% reduction in user verification costs

14% increase in 3-month retention rate

Loyalty as the 2nd conversion

EMMA Native Ads represent a revolution in reaching out to imagin users. Personalized digital content with offers in different categories add value by bringing users closer to the most suitable imagin product for them.

Loyalty as the 2nd conversion


Imagin has seen an improvement in its marketing app with the use and ease that EMMA provides to its marketing team for the scope of its communication and the measurement of results in real time.

¿The next steps?

Currently, it continues to improve its loyalty with new communication formats such as EMMA’s Native Ads and the development of Customer Journeys campaigns. Imagin uses the platform as a content manager for its marketplace, thanks to the different EMMA formats.