SKUDO protection for your campaigns

Protect your budget from mobile ad fraud with ARKANA’s new tool.

Stop click and conversion fraud before, during and after install. Pay for real customers, not bots, with our advanced in-app and CPA protection.

Apps using SKUDO increase their CRO by 24% and campaign conversion by 32%

Save money

More than $690,000 in total savings over the duration of the campaign.

Fraudulent installs

460,000 fraudulent installs blocked over the duration of the campaign.

Fraudulent events

170,000 fraudulent In-App events blocked over the duration of the campaign.

Customizable filters

More than 20 filters and controls to set up fraud protection to suit your campaigns.


A tool designed for you and your needs.


Not all businesses are the same. SKUDO’s customization ensures a higher level of fraud filtering.


Real-time multi-layer approach with advanced analysis.

Advanced analysis

Analyze in detail the performance of all your campaigns in real time. Activate the “Monitoring Mode” whenever you want to continue quantifying your campaign but avoid blocking fraudulent traffic.

Fraud templates

Save your fraud filtering settings to apply them to different offers.

Monitoring mode

You decide what to do with the rejected traffic. You can block it or simply monitor the results.

Postback to providers

Maintain open and transparent communication with your media partners by sending postback to all your suppliers.


Get full access to all the raw fraud data measured by SKUDO to break it down, analyze it and make smarter decisions.

Advanced analysis

Analyze campaigns and offers using filters to draw conclusions.

Real-time data

Your fraud detection is delivered in real time, whether the volumes are small or very large.

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