Detecting fraud in the acquisition of users is essential to optimize your acquisition budget. EMMA allows you to obtain a report on the installs of your App that may have been made with fraudulent techniques.

Powerful anti-fraud rules

Take control over the quality of the traffic you are paying for by obtaining additional valuable information to optimize each of your capture channels. In order to detect fraud we have established five rules to take into account to determine if an installation is suspected of being fraudulent or not and the probability of it. Click hijackingTime to installInstall time | Country of install | Time zone

Click hijacking

The hijacking of clicks is one of the most common tactics of fraudulent networks to make you pay double for your installs. It consists of the injection of a second click of the same device seconds after the initial click and before the install (the clicks must have been made in an interval less than 5 seconds and belong to different sources). EMMA detects these installs and marks them as a possible fraud so that your acquisition budget is not affected.

Time to install

Identify the traffic generated through bots that perform installs automatically. EMMA measures the seconds from the click to the install. Less than 10 seconds will be possible fraud.

Install time

EMMA detects all installs that are performed from 2AM to 5AM (device time) as a possible fraud.

Country of install

EMMA allows defining the countries where the campaign has been launched and detects those installs from other countries.

Time zone

EMMA detects differences in the install timezone timezone and the IP install and marks these installs as possible fraud.