Pricing - EMMA - Easy Mobile Marketing Automation

EMMA is free!

if you want more you can always pay but please do it only for what you use. And yes, you have unlimited MAUs forever (and ever)!

  • Lite
    0€ / month

    Unlimited MAUs

    Unlimited AdNetwoks Attribution

    Up to 50K push notifications

  • Essentials
    900€ / month

    5.000 self attributed installs (FB & TW)

    Cohort + Funnels Reporting

    Unlimited push notifications

    Unlimited In-App messages

    Account Manager

  • Pro
    2.500€ / month

    20.000 self attributed installs (FB & TW)

    Unlimited Apps

    Unlimited automation rules

    Account Manager

    Full implementation package & training


Our unique pricing system allows you to select a predesign plan or by selecting just the features you really need you will create the perfect plan for your App. Stop paying for everything!

Lite 0 €/month
Essentials 900 €/month
Pro 2.500 €/month
Custom from 0 €/month


Unlimited Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
Historical data
7 days
90 days
7 days included
90 days (+50€)
Forever (+100€)
Users per account
1 user
5 users
1 user included
5 users (+50€)
Unlimited (+100€)
Apps per account
1 app
5 apps
1 app included
5 apps (+50€)
Unlimited (+100€)
Account manager
Account manager
Online included
AM (+500€)
Dedicated AM (+1.000€)
Raw Export
Optional (+50€)
Optional (+150€)
Payment Method
Credit card
Credit card
Credit card


Click & Installs attribution
Postback custom events
Optional (+50€)
Provider access
Optional (+50€)
Self attributed installs
0,05 € per install
5k installs included
20k installs included
1k installs (+50€ / One time payment)
5k installs (+225€ / One time payment)
10k installs (+400€ / One time payment)


User segments
Post install events tracking
Up to 30 custom events
Up to 50 custom events
Unlimited custom events
30 custom events included
50 custom events (+50€)
Unlimited custom events (+100€)
User funnels
Optional (+50€)
Cohort reporting
Optional (+100€)
Automation rules
Optional (+400€)


Push notifications
Up to 50k per month
50k per month included
Unlimited (+50€)
Communications reporting
In-App messages (unlimited)
Optional (+50€)
Native Ad (templates)
Opcional (+150€)
Live report
Optional (+50€)


Dedicated server
Optional (+1.000€)
Fast lane
Optional (+1.000€)
Custom interface
Optional (+500€)
Agency setup
Optional (+500€)

Expert Services

Basic SDK installation
iOS or Android (+100€ / One time payment)
Both (iOS and Android) (+200€ / One time payment)
Advanced SDK installation
iOS or Android (+500€ / One time payment)
Both (iOS and Android) (+1.000€ / One time payment)
Optional (+150€)
Expert services
Pack 20 hours (+1.000€ / One time payment))
Pack 50 hours (+2.500€ / One time payment)
Pack 100 hours (+5.000€ / One time payment)

We can tell how cool we are but you will not believe us so… Why don’t you try by yourself? EMMA is free, nothing to lose!


If you need to know more, do not hesitate to ask!

What are Monthly Active Users (MAU)?

Easy, users that opened your App in the last 30 days. Don’t worry, with EMMA you don’t have limit to grow!

What about the training?

Training service include 1,5 hours with one of the members of our Expert Services team to discover all the details about how to use the whole tool so you will not need to read all the manuals to know how to use it but the more important thing is that you will know more about the best practices to get the best results with your App Marketing.

What are Self attributed installs?

We call Self attributed installs to all those installs that were generated from an ad in Facebook App Installs or Twitter App Promotion campaigns and were tracked by EMMA.

Why I have to pay for Self attributed installs?

To track Facebook and Twitter we need to be integrated with third-party-tools to get the enough info to control if an installs comes or not from that campaigns and yes, that software has an extra-cost for us 🙁

What does include free plans?

When you join EMMA you have 5.000 first MAUs for free. You can use ESSENTIALS plan for this 5.000 first MAUs.

After you reach 5.001 MAUs you will start using your LITE plan for free. If you want to use advanced features you will need to upgrade your plan to ESSENTIALS, PRO or CUSTOM plan.

In any case, for 5.000 first MAUs or LITE plan, Self attributed installs and Services are not included. If you want to use this feature/service you will need to introduce your payment method and you will be charge as indicated for LITE plan.

What is included in Basic SDK Installation?

Basic SDK Integration by our Tech team includes EMMA SDK integration for activation to start tracking attribution data and login, register and conversion event (like purchase event)

What is included in Advanced SDK Installation?

We included Basic SDK Installation plus:

  • 15 Custom Events tracking
  • 15 Custom Tags tracking
  • Push Notifications integration
  • In-App Messaging integration

Advanced SDK Installation does not include:

  • Deeplinking integration
  • Push tag technology integration
  • Labels technology integration

If you want to track more events, more tags or more features, please ask to or your Account Manager to get a custom pricing.a custom pricing.

What about different types of support?

In EMMA we take very seriously the support to our customers. It is one of our key differentiators. Therefore you can choose from:

  • Online Support: basic support via email ( no estimated response time
  • Account Manager: support via email and telephone with a maximum response time of 24 hours
  • Dedicated Account Manager: a person dedicated to you via email, telephone and live support Skype with no timeout

Don’t mind how big or small is your App. EMMA is super-adaptable.

Any doubt about the plans?
Leave your mail and we will tell you what is the best plan of EMMA for you