Ultra segmentation - EMMA - Easy Mobile Marketing Automation

Ultra segmentation

You know that not all of your users are the same, right? So, why you look the same way? Much better if you can create segments with powerful segmentation into groups with the same behavior. That’s it!


We have 100 different filters to create segments including info from acquisition, behavior, location and loyalty info. A complete behavioral pattern of your users. In seconds (literally).

  • Full people profile with events done
  • Post Install Event tracking
  • More advanced funnels in the market
  • User location filtering
  • Automatic people segmentation by type of user
  • Multichannel (web & app) segmentation
  • Product and purchases categories
  • Segmentation by traffic source
  • Automatic behavioural patterns


Get the information about your user types conversion and evolution.Use our raw export to get a report with specific info about each user: device id, customer id, carrier,connection type, IP, language…

Full user profile

Get all the info, events and purchase for each user.

Extend your analytics

Analyze your conversion funnels with In-App activity.

Automatic patterns

Automatically identify different type of users.

Yes, more than 20 different filters are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

If you still don’t believe how the segmentation can change your world, just let your email.We’ll tell you everything about EMMA!