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Smart SDK

Track all your App events automatically without a word. Without a line of code.


Normally you need a new version of your App if you want to track new events. That’s the past. Now you can track even new events without a line code, in real time.

  • Automatically events tracking
  • Cocoa & Gradle integrated
  • Fast SDK integration
  • iOS and Android native SDK
  • Real time panel to select events to follow


Smart SDK allows your development team to integrate in minutes without the need to identify each event in the code so your integration will be faster and you will never need to modify your App for this.

Reduce integration time

In just minutes your App will be ready to track any event done by users.

Real time dashboard

Decide in the dashboard what events to follow and what stop follow in real time.

Automatically updated

With Cocoa & Gradle integration your SDK will be always updated with last version available.

We have much more, but do not want to bore you.

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