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Push notifications

Imagine that you can put your message into the hand of the right customer at the right moment. Imagine that you can do much more. That’s what we do.


Communicate with the right user in the right context via Push Notifications thanks to EMMA, the most advanced mobile marketing automation tool.

  • Personalize the message to send to each single user
  • Choose the action when the user opens the notification
  • Control impacts to your users with Push limits: daily, weekly or monthly
  • Send Push Notifications in device local time
  • Send [params] to your App and show different info to different users
  • Schedule and automate Push Notifications to get best results
  • Link a specific product/service using EMMA Labels
  • Track direct an indirect revenue with EMMA Push Life
  • Get real time reporting with delivered, opens and transactions assigned


Push Notifications will help your App to recover lost users and improve the use of your App motivating the right users to open it and get best conversion rates.


Send the right info to improve your App use and keep active your users database.

Track revenue

Send Push Notifications and track real revenue to understand what your users really need.

Reduce conversion time

Reduce converstion time of your users sending info about products and services.

We have much more, but do not want to bore you.

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