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Integrated reporting

Stop wasting your time mixing reports from each vendor and Ad-Network and use your time for important things like analyze and make decisions.


You can get automatically real time reports about all your users life cycle. This is real integrated reporting.

  • More than 30 KPIs by default
  • 300 + Ad Networks integrated
  • Full user life cycle reporting, including attribution, behavior and engagement
  • Custom design for your reports
  • Totally data ownership by your side
  • Free data raw export
  • Push and In-App messaging reporting


We will help you to reduce reporting time and get the best and customized reporting for you so you can use your time to make better decisions about your App.

More time

Get all the reporting integrated and use your time for important things.

Better decisions

Integrated data with the user life cycle to understand everything not only use of the App.

Data ownership

Your data are absolutely your so we are clear: you will never pay to get it.

We have much more, but do not want to bore you.

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