Extreme API - EMMA - Easy Mobile Marketing Automation

Extreme API

Developers are like magicians. They can do almost anything really. As our API; all the features, all reports, all available actions to make the best tricks.


Our API is designed for your team of developers to access EMMA at any time from anywhere, without the need to access to the Dashboard so you can automate your App to the edge.

  • API rest
  • Totally independent layers for template and data
  • New and 100% re-designed
  • Developers oriented
  • All the features included
  • Report generation in seconds


Our API is designed to increase the efficiency of your App and automate all that tasks that your developers hate to do every day.


Publish your content through your App to made it available to many channels.


Let machines to handle the workload, and let humans for important things.


Personalize communication with your users’ info that are most useful to them.

We have much more, but do not want to bore you.

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