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Expert services

Sometimes you need extra help. Sometimes you need a full App Marketing department.

That’s why we created Expert services: to help you.


Our Expert services team can help you managing your acquisition campaigns.

Forget about getting installs! That’s the past. We will help you to get the best users for your App with the best retention and conversion ratio.

After you get the best users we will analyze your database to create clusters of users and we will design and execute the perfect communication plan to transform your users to loyal buyers..

Everything you need, you got it.

  • Media Trading Desk
  • Media Buying optimization
  • Traffic sources configuration
  • Database analysis
  • Clusters and KPIs definition
  • Relational plan definition & execution
  • Custom reporting
  • UX Consulting
  • UX Designer


If you don’t have the appropriate knowledge or your marketing team is not enough to succeed with your app, we can help you working side by side.. Over 5 years of experience behind us.

User acquisition

Our team has trained the best professionals in the industry acquiring users for your app. We don’t generate low-quality installs that never converts or user you App!

Our team find users for your App with the best retention and conversion rates in the market.

To spend the budget is the goal for agencies, not for us. You choose!

User segmentation

After you get your users you need to identify what and why are they using your App.

Our Expert services constantly analyzes your full database to find similar patterns behavior in your users and create clusters of users for each behavior.

Each cluster is analyzed to get the maximum performance and greater knowledge about your users.

User retention

To retain users should be the obsession of any company: transform users into loyal customers.

Our team will design the perfect communication plan for each cluster of users.

Sending Push Notifications, scheduling InApp Messages and analyzing results to improve communication and get more and more recurrent conversions.

You can believe us or not. Just ask our customers about our service.

Does they tell you how wonderful we are? Great. Now, leave us your email and we will contact you tomorrow.
We’ll tell you everything about EMMA!