Attribution EMMA - Easy Mobile Marketing Automation


App installs attribution is the 101 for App Marketing. You need to know where your users are coming from to invest wisely your acquisition budget with just one dashboard 

Yes, we can do it.


Identify the best traffic sources that generate more and better installs of your App and move your budget wisely getting the best users: The Buyers!

  • Track conversions per traffic source.
  • One tracking URL for both: iOS & Android
  • Smart deeplink with POWLINK
  • 300+ AdNetworks integrated
  • Single dashboard for all your traffic sources
  • Facebook, Twitter and Adwords integrated
  • Retention ratio per traffic source
  • Overview reporting for faster analyisis


To be successful with your App you need to spend your acquisition budget wisely. EMMA can measure the ROI of your campaigns monitoring custom and conversion events easily into a single report to save you time analyzing data.

Reduce analysis time

Check all traffic sources and take the right decision at a glance in just one single dashboard.

Optimize media buying

Identify traffic source with best users and highest ROI and forget the number of installs.

Eliminate tech dependences

Install just one SDK and get rid of integrations to start your advertising campaigns.

We have much more, but do not want to bore you.

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