Mobile Marketing Automation Rules - EMMA

Our mobile marketing automation rules

IF one user do this THEN do that. That’s the real marketing automation.

Now available!


Create rules IF-THEN based on data collected through the SDK or provided in the App by users to communicate with your users automatically. And yes, you can do all this in a website, without programming a single line of code.

See? Our mobile marketing automation tool is easy, fast and user-friendly.

  • Trigger for any event, default or custom
  • Marketing push for geofencing automated
  • Set conditions to your trigger: number of executions or period where the event was executed.
  • Update info about the user with tags automatically
  • Launch Push Notifications automatically
  • Active notifications when users perform specific actions
  • Unlimited rules and real time segmentation
  • Automation rules based on existing CRM data
  • Show different In-App messages after events execution automatically


Rules IF-THEN is the perfect way to automate your App marketing. Just set the users segment, the conditions and the actions to execute and we will do everything. Automatically, of course.

Automated actions

Define your relational plan and forget about daily or weekly execution.

Fast communication

Direct communication with your users without additional waiting times.

Integrated life cycle

Integrate your App with the other channels by executing actions via API.

You have seen other rules, but they are not real automation.

If you want to see real automation working you can leave us your email and we will contact you tomorrow.
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