Features - EMMA - Easy Mobile Marketing Automation


The world’s most advanced Mobile Marketing Automation tool with just one goal: to get you more, best and recurrent sales from your users.

Automation rules

Create rules IF-THEN based to communicate automatically the right message to the right user.


Optimize your advertising campaigns budget with one dashboard to control all your ads.

Push notifications

Send custom push notifications and In-App Messages from our magic dashboard.

Ultra segmentation

Create powerful user segments with more than 20 different filters in seconds.

Expert services

We define, build and run your strategy. Your perfect App Marketing team.

Integrated reporting

Simplified and unified reporting for making correct decisions without doubt.

In-App messaging

We have 7 different ways to say the right word to the right people inside the App.

Smart SDK

Our SDK identify automatically all the events in your App for easy integration.

Extreme API

Anything you can do in the dashboard, you can do it via API. Yes, anything.

We have much more, but do not want to bore you.

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