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The truth is that when Windows is about to do something good, they do more than great and, yes, cool.

If you are Windows 10 Mobile user, your next smartphone could be more secure than the one you have now, because Microsoft is planning to add fingerprint scans in their operating system, allowing you to do everything from the tip of your finger (and yes, very safe).

The thing is that although retinal scanning and facial recognition are increasing security and access methods, it seems that for many users scanning through fingerprint is much more efficient.

For who do no understand a shit about this, fingerprint sensors (also know as biometric sensors) are devices that are able to read, store and identify fingerprints (usually the thumb although most have no trouble accepting other fingers, even foot fingers)

Windows 10 is much safer

Back to the subject this is a step forward for Windows in mobile field; currently Windows 10 supports biometric authentication ad retinal detection (an option available on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL). Also, there are devices in the industry already running this method such as the HP Elite X3.

Now, through this revelation, Microsoft shows that Windows is (still) not dead in innovation. Their plans to add this fingerprint scanning had origin in March ’16 during one of their events with the community of engineers.

In fact, biometric authentication has grown in popularity in recent years, especially by the hand of Apple that have include this scanners in the iPhone and iPad. After this was when Windows create «Windows Hello«, the name of the brand for biometrics authentications.

Of course, to use fingerprint scanning with Windows 10, you’ll need a device with this (yes, a software update will would be great but sorry, the technology does not work like that).

It is expected to be ready in Summer 2016, although we don’t know the exact date. What is important is that all the devices with Windows in next generations will be able to use this.

Anton Watman /