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Ahoy there! We know it right, your company has been growing over the past years and now you’re just now right in the feeling in which you really know a thing or two about your market and your buyer personas.

Enter small business marketing automation!

But now, the daily workflow has started to suffocate you. Your business is starting to suffer from the excess of tasks needed for constant growth, and marketing-sales demands are also eating part of the not well tasted cheese cake you’ve got in hands.

You see, the big problem from a growing company resides not within the lack of income for investing in technology, but in a poor planning process around the workflow driven by their platforms and people.

If we re-focus this last point to marketing and sales matters, we’ll find ourselves in a very delicate position, as al lead opportunities may start to sail away if we continue doing every brand communication process in a mechanical way.

That, folks, is where small business marketing automation gets to shine. In the process in which your company’s digital development is in mid term between the kick-off processes (customer journey mapping and so on) and the actual engagement and loyalty management of your users, automation gets to be the key for a sustainable development.

Enough talk – where to start off?

Of course, we know you may feel a little bit lost in where to start off with marketing automation. Just hold on, EMMA’s here to teach you some tricks and give you a small but neat guideline on how small business marketing automation can be really taken into action.

First off, start nailing your main automation objectives. It’s not the same thing if you’re aiming towards the structure of rules if > then within your web or email communication processes as if you’re trying to set up marketing automation on mobile app experiences.

Second, you may want to benchmark some of your competitors to catch up some well executed automation efforts. It’s always a good thing to check out what has been profitable for the other ones in your industry, you may get some new ideas while adding part of your own creativity.

Last but not least, before deploying all the automation process within your users’ database, be sure to check out if the user experience itself proves to be intuitive and comprehensive. Remember you’re seeking to gain more and more knowledge of the behavior of your customers, so be sure your marketing actions are just well rounded from the grasp.

And yes, you know it, we know it. In EMMA we’re bound to get you more, best and recurrent sales from your users. Start investing in small business marketing automation and you’ll see the difference, try EMMA now!