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Yes, it’s something that concerns us. The future of automation marketing is uncertain and yet thrilling. We wanted to share this article quoting industry experts’ coverage in other platforms, such as TechCrunch.

You see, recently Bluewolf (company) unleashed the «State of Salesforce» study and there’s something that worries the industry un general: only 7% of marketers are seeing «good ROI» from their automation marketing investments.

This is also remarked in some way by David Raab, one of the experts from automation marketing industry. He states that «70% of marketers are either unhappy or only marginally happy with their marketing automation softwares«.

One key contribution to this «disappointment state» is that many of the automation marketing systems become puffed while trying to do «too much«, delivering in over-promises and under-deliveries.  In the end, all automation marketing rules are coded to be triggered under specific actions based on understanding «what makes a good lead VS what the data says about it«.

So, what can we do to improve marketing automation today?

The greatest thing we can do now is to reinvent us constantly. We share in eMMa, for example, the criteria that marketing automation has to be scalable and responsive to data and workflows, rather than going the hard-coded way.

Experts like Vik Singh believe that in the next three years, a «new generation of automation marketing tech» will be materialized, and that marketing platforms will shine if they respect the prediction-first lining.

Rather than just trying to «compress everything under one platform», the industry expertise believes that «tomorrow’s automation marketing platforms» will be thinner and much more intelligent, being able to plug into smaller specialized apps.

Let’s be patient

So, yep. It’s predictive intel which will shift and shape marketing automation for all businesses now on. We’ll get to the point were predictive systems can learn, adapt and improve on their own with each little action.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time until we see «major success cases» for automation platforms. Although there are lots and lots of different automation technologies out there and some billion dollar businesses built on platforms like AppExchange, platforms today are still on their early days.

If you ask us, we do believe in a future where marketing automation platforms will help you to reboot workflows and actions through prediction. And when the time comes, automation marketing will fully integrate with CRMs… then we’ll have a little piece of the sky in our hands!

Well, until then… we’ll get back to business.

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