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Another one on the fighting scenario, huh? WebEngage is about to enter the marketing automation industry with its own software product, that’s currently being tested with Flipkart, an eCommerce giant.

Enter Journey Designer

WebEngage’s main goal is to take on Adobe and Salesforce, while the company increases its market share in the USA. The company’s product is named ‘Journey Designer‘, which pretends to be a solid marketing automation software, aimed to mid-sized enterprises:

Why, do you say? Because mid-sized enterprises (those with $10 – $50 million in revenue a year) are normally underserved. In other words, WebEngage’s Journey Designer aims to a market that seeks for cheaper products than Adobe’s or Salesforce’s.

As a marketing automation product, Journey Designer has been in design from late 2015. This product allows companies to automate mailing and push notifications (in-app) to users who use their app or website, all based on pre-determined attributes.

Short story about WebEngage and Avlesh Singh

As a company, WebEngage has been largely supported by customers from India, having a 35% of its revenue coming from the asian country. With its new product, WebEngage aims to take on greater income from US and Europe, lowing its dependence on the indian market.

By the way, all these strategies are commanded by Avlesh Singh (the company’s cofounder), that has been involved in other platforms’ projects such as restaurant review site Burrp, based on Mumbai.

When Singh started in WebEngage, back in 2011, he did it with the scope on being a cofounder and an investor, plainly different from his experience in Burrp, in which his hard work paid off with ‘so little‘ in return.

Today, WebEngage’s website states that the company helps 34.900+ businesses worldwide in reducing shopping cart abandonment, lead generation and running website surveys, as well as other automation marketing services.

India’s ‘abnormal’ growth

For many people, indian IT based companies may rather look as the result of luck, casualty and a very visionary leader. But the truth is quite different: India has a lot of market to rely on, both in eCommerce and automation marketing.

So India’s growth may not be that abnormal, because it has been a side-to-side effort from all the industry key players. Even The Wall Street Journal stated in late 2015 that India would grow in 2016 to be the world’s second online market.

The real thing is that eCommerce in India is expected to hold about 402 million users this year, leading the country to the second spot in online market therms, just behind China. Then, it’s just plainly a natural thing that companies such as WebEngage make India their home soil to seek global growth.