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We’re just around the corner of vacations time! In many countries above the northern hemisphere, July and August are the perfect months for traveling.

Lots of workers wait for this months and seek accommodation and airplane tickets to ensure great experiences for their vacations. As it may seem quite natural nowadays, there’s a strong relationship between vacations and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets; they transform into useful tools for travel purposes.

Please yourself with some travel apps, even if they were not made directly for traveling purposes

Either you have connectivity or not, there’s a pretty set of travel apps that will help you in different situations. We’re not considering social media apps in here, nor directly tourism apps such as TripAdvisor because they are part of a different type of selection.

In here, we’re considering some ‘conventional use’ apps that perform best when used at traveling. With that in mind, we’ve made a selection of four Android travel apps just because we think Android is cool (hey, we’re not ‘only-Apple’ people, give us a break would ya?).

Be sure to check them in your next vacation and tell us if they were quite handy or not (and if not, just go and rate them with «1 star», do not preach here please).


Accuweather is, as its name implies, quite accurate. Besides Yahoo Weather, this is one of the top weather apps, and you know that you’ve to plan your trip depending on weather (much more if you’re sort of in the nature rather than in cities or urban settlements).


As we stated, you many not have connectivity all time. We considered MAPS.ME as one of your ‘must’ travel apps because it simply gives you maps and GPS functions even if you’re just low on data or Internet connection. It works just as a GPS, but in offline mood.

Google Translator

One of Google’s most popular functions is also one remarkable selection of this travel apps list. If you’re traveling abroad a country that doesn’t speaks your same language, Google Translator just comes in handy with its function to translate images with your mobile camera.

XE Currency

XE Currency just might help you in your day to day work, but it just comes in handy while traveling. It’s one of the most precise currency conversion platforms, and the app is jut as useful as its web version. The conversion data is fed by LOTS of banks and financial organizations worldwide.


Tell us, which one’s your favorite? Comment below!

Image: ShutterStock