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Way to go, Pikachu! Ehrm… yes, we’ve spoken about Pokemon Go app before, but it’s just too darn great for mobile related topics that we want to speak about it again.

Kilometric records for the Pokemon Go app

The big news here is that Pokemon Go app has broken records again. It became the most downloaded app in its first week (E-V-E-R) and then, the fastest one to reach 50 million downloads at Google Play.

But wait, there’s more! Pokemon Go app just reached 500 million dollars in worldwide spending across mobile app stores. All these enormous numbers have pushed forward to the point that now Pokemon Go app will be also present in the Apple Watch.

Still not convinced? If you think the 500 million barrier is not big enough, you may need to know that other famous mobile video games took from half a year to more than one – and yes, we’re speaking of Candy Crush or Clash of Clans.

Video games may be addictive, but Pokemon Go app has a unique formula in which you combine today’s crescent mobile industry and the augmented reality technology (which has been barely exploited by other industries); the result is a really clever app that drives you to the original concept of the Pokémon game: exploring the world in order to catch ’em all.

We’ve to highlight that some brands know Pokemon Go app is worth millions. What seems just way cooler about this is the fact that brands have taken some intelligent advantage with this frenzy. McDonald’s case in Japan was first, but in US and Japan many other stores applied to become Pokémon Gyms or Pokéstops.

Did you knew?

Pokémon is, as of 2016, already 20 years old. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company really developed a winning formula around the base games when the Game Boy was still at stores, with the Pokémon Green and Pokémon Red versions in Japan (for Europe and America, it was Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue).

The original game is centered in an RPG style, in which the main character (you) leaves for adventure into the fictional Kanto region to catch a total of 151 different monsters, use them to battle and collect badges that would qualify you to enter “The Pokémon League”, in which you would battle the Elite Four (the masters of masters) to become the World Champion.

Narinthorn Nopjinda /