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Through equity funding, tourism startup just raised 10 million dollars. Basically, Peek is a platform that allows travelers and locals to find and book tourism activities, all understood as experiences (they can be gastronomic sessions, outdoor activities, yoga sessions, among others).

So what exactly is Peek?

Based in San Francisco, this startup employs almost a hundred peeps today that promote PeekPro, its online and signature tool available for tour operators, helping them to manage their business online through mobile books.

This is parallel to Peek’s other main scenario, its own website, which hosts «all star» activities on cities around the world. The activities of the cities enlisted are the ones that have a sufficient amount of activities to be considered under Peek’s stellar list.

Either by or by PeekPro integration, sites and activities enhanced with this platform have the option get verified customer reviews, activities’ availability, direct online booking and payment. In the case of Peek Pro, Peek (company) takes transactional fees from tour operators that book through their platform.

Different websites around the world use now Peek. Courtesy:

Different websites around the world use now PeekPro. Courtesy:


Enhancing mobile commerce and marketing possibilities through partnerships

As you may see, or may not, Peek was «conceived» as a tool that would enhance mobile commerce and marketing. Not only because our world is more and more mobile-driven each day, but because its natural essence is built under the «travel tech» industry, in which in any case is trying harder and harder to deliver richer mobile experiences (a quick example of competitors would be Viator or Zozi).

However, people at now that they have a road built upon good relationships. As of today, they have some strategic alliances with Hawaiian Airlines, mobile giant Virgin America and furthermore, the multinational corporation Yelp (developer and host of and Yelp mobile app, which publishes crowd sourced reviews about local businesses).

Recap: What we can say about (and its products) is that they know well what the heck is happening in our world. Because buyers now wake up in the morning and, with a few taps in their smartphone, want to discover a fun adventure. Peek’s technology just makes this easier.