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Yes, videos are sexy and you know it (ehm… we’re not talking about sexy videos, ok?). What we want to mean is that people spend much more time today watching videos on their mobile devices.

Mobile video marketing, today’s reality

That means that videos are powerful marketing weapons. Lots of advertisers wonder today how to take the most out of ‘em, and while in email marketing we still see some disadvantages on trying to embed videos directly on a newsletter, there are other smart ways in which you can use videos for you mobile strategy.

First of all, while driving mobile based video strategies one of your best options relies in social media, specially in Facebook Canvas. Never heard of it? This platform offers you the opportunity to integrate video in ads in an easy fashion.

Speaking of social media, YouTube’s a natural option of course. We are pleased to know that today, ads on YouTube are finally mobile-optimised (there are some new 6 second bumper ads), and they’re basically cut off for targeting smartphone users who literally don’t have time to watch a loooooong video ad.

Video marketing is just so powerful that even Instagram and Pinterest modified their platforms or made some neat adjustments oriented on mobile video marketing experience:

  • Not so much time ago, in Instagram a reproduction counter was integrated in the space where likes were shown. When clicking, you can see the amount of «hearts» (likes) the video has.
  • In a similar fashion, Pinterest integrated back in 2015 the «Cinematic Pins», which are pins that reproduce or animate themselves if the user scrolls down past the area in which they are shown.

And then again, we have some new specialised hosting platforms such as Virool. This platform was basically designed to host mobile oriented videos, with the screen’s aspect ratio set to the vertical orientation of a smartphone.

Prophetic assumptions

As you can see, mobile video marketing is getting each time more and more competitive. We highly remember Mark Zuckerberg’s words back in 2015 at Mobile Word Congress 2015 in Barcelona, when he stated that in 5 years (that means 2019), the biggest content quota on Facebook would be videos.

We may now think that his prophetic words are today’s must. As more users consume more videos directly from their smartphone, mobile video marketing will just get better and better.

What’s your experience at aiming mobile oriented video ads? Comment, share and subscribe!


Image: ShutterStock