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Yep, recently we shared to you that Mobile World Congress would start its ‘America’ edition from 2017 and further. But it’s time to look out to Asia, to what’s happening in Shanghai’s Mobile World Congress.

Something to catch an eye on are the mobile startups originated from Spain currently participating there (the event spans from June 29th to the 1st of July).

Those mobile startups have a pretty good opportunity to catch some bucks from around 60 investors, that are thirsty and seeking for key projects with technologic base.

Mobile startups at disposal, from Spain to China

In this asian edition of the Mobile World Congress, professionals and consumers from telecomm and other related industries are expected to elevate the participation quote of more than 50,000 people.

As we stated before, there are some mobile startups participating out there in China. We know that some lines may not get you to know at full edge their business objective, but here in eMMa we thought it was a pretty good opportunity for you to get a little scope from them.

From the list, we thought these ones were pretty different from all the rest of the group:

  • Mybrana: A mobile app that uses augmented reality to add special effects in real time about people and places (you know, we are in the AR and VR frenzy).
  • I2Factory: Online platform that provides companies with an integration platform for all of their apps (talk about one-stop solutions, well played!)
  • Tiendeo: Another Spanish mobile startup, identified as a catalog app with coupons and offers, has the objective to inform consumers about all discounts in different online shops.
  • Famyliar: Social platform that oughts to ‘fight’ social loneliness of aged people (hey, that’s really, really nice!)

But hey, if we didn’t include others in the list above doesn’t mean they’re not worth to be mentioned. Adele Robots, Cuatroochenta, J21 Partners & Ventures and Crazy4Media Group are participating too, as well as Enigmedia, Accenti Systems, GlobalComm Europe, CTTC, Bibold, Vintesgristech and Mooveteam.

Get to know a lil’ bit more about MWC’s origins:

The Mobile World Congress, considered as one of the industry’s largest exhibition, is algo abbreviated as MWC, it has been held in Barcelona, Spain for some years now (from 2005, specifically).

It’s a combination of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featuring prominent executives representing mobile operators, mobile startups, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.

In 2014, the GSMA announced that their annual summer event in China was being rebranded under the Mobile World Congress banner as «Mobile World Congress Shanghai«, which has been held from that year and further.

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