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Are you employing Messenger Chatbots? For service purposes, these digital robots have proven to be a nice service for thousands of brands since their launch.

But now, they may help you to deliver money right into your pocket, as Messenger Chatbots will soon start accepting payments natively without sending users to other sites or services.

Pay right through Messenger Chatbots

David Marcus, which is responsible for Facebook Messenger at the social media company, revealed that these plans are soon to arrive to your favorite social media platform. Doing so requires more and more of the 30,000 developers working in the platform already.

For this payments to be possible through Messenger Chatbots, Facebook is integrating payment solutions such as PayPal, AMEX or the classic VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards gateways.

Some people are getting a headache while trying to imagine how is mobile commerce going to work into the Messenger ecosystem.

Imagine this: you’ll be messaging your favorite airline, and instead of just texting you back they’ll integrate (through Messenger Chatbots) a list of flights at your disposal – you may get to pay right inside the same chat window, with the payment solution you’ve previously integrated.

Facebook’s main goal

While it may seem just too fantastic, it’s a future that Facebook is applying for; basically, it’s Facebook’s main objective to turn Facebook Messenger into a service oriented platform.

We also look forward to a future where Messenger integrates not only payment solutions through their Chatbots, but also more guidance for brands on how to develop richer experiences for users; everyone has to be honest, tough… while some brands have just pulled perfectly the inner power of Messenger Chatbots, some others have no darn idea on how to employ them.

And yep… it’s also Facebook’s «fault». When announced in the early Facebook conferences this year, Messenger Chatbots barely got any time to be fully developed right in the road where the company wanted.

Anyhow, it’s been a nice experience, and Zuckerberg’s companions have just gotten right proof of what to do, what to don’t, and what to fix.


Some extra data about Facebook Messenger

  • As of 2016, Facebook has reported that Facebook Messenger has reached 1 billion monthly active users.
  • In April 2016, Facebook Messenger launched «Group Calling«, allowing users to add up to 50 participants simultaneously over the internet.
  • On July 2016, Facebook announced that they would be deploying end-to-end encryption as an optional feature for Facebook Messenger users


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