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Yep, we know… it may seem strange. While driving yourself into mobile marketing channels to boost your brand awareness, you have to remember something: boosting your mobile marketing requires to shrink your marketing team size.

Less means more

One of the most recents publications from Open Mobile Media can help us explain this. The ones behind tha platform got in touch with lots of peeps (700… you know, important ones), who shared their opinions about mobile marketing teams.

Insights found that 41% of companies surveyed had a dedicated mobile marketing team – while this may sound like a lot, it’s fewer than reported last year.

But things don’t end there. Out of the businesses that have a team, it’s sized between one and three people (while last year it was more likely that companies had more than 3 people working on mobile marketing).

While there isn’t any «clear clue» on the insights about why this is happening, it’s mostly based on the fact that each time, automation requieres less sized mobile marketing teams, because technology is improving each day, and mobile marketing professionals are (and need to be) much more capable each day (that means, doing much more with lees people).

So what is a mobile marketing team exposed to in the next years?

So, with the premise that less is more, these important peeps also shared their thoughts on what do the next years await for mobile marketing teams.

So, this is basically what you need to know:

  • Executives mostly responded (65%) that they want to retain existing users and attract new ones.
  • 85% have a focus on existing users.
  • Mobile apps keep being a popular channel for exploring development over the next months.
  • Social networking and mobile web also have ranked high within executives.
  • More and more money will be employed on mobile advertising over the next years.

Of course, it’s not just going on with the conversion frenzy. Understanding customers, personalizing users’ experiences and educating stakeholders and corporate divisions around mobile are part of the ‘every-day’ tasks that mobile marketing teams will face in the future.

Ask yourself again. If mobile isn’t already a big part of your daily dose, you may as well get to think about it; because everyday, advertising spending is shifting in a total new way.

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