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Remember MythBusters from Discovery Channel? Well, we’re in THAT mood today. There are some big bad peep talks about marketing automation, sometimes taken as creepypasta stories.

We know freak and poisonous frenzy is always out there, but you know… you don’t have to believe in them at all.

While marketing automation is not an all easy method, it isn’t that complex either. Many of the marketing automation myths revolve around being a hard-to-manage tactic that’ll just give you loads of problems – but we have to advice you, anyhow, that marketing automation is just good for your business.

Marketing automation myths: it’s only suitable for email marketing

First, you have to understand that marketing automation is a tactic that allows companies to nurture prospects using personalized content that helps them convert those prospects into leads (and of course, the goal is to turn leads into customers).

But here is where marketing automation myths start. Firstly, one big myth is that marketing automation is only centered or relevant around email marketing, but that’s just totally false.

Applicable uses of marketing automation include, for example, social media marketing, as well as management activities; and yes, while email marketing is certainly one of the stronger channels for automation, it can be utilized also with landing pages. So the scope is much, much bigger than just ‘email marketing’.

Marketing automation myths: it’s only suitable for email marketing

In terms of robotization, one big lie around marketing automation myths is that this tactic is too impersonal for people, as messages and replies given to them seem cold and unpersonalized.

While this may occur, the true fact is that this is not fault of marketing automation tools nor of technology itself, the problem centers around bad or lazy marketers.

Because, when delivering the set of messages, calls or content for a campaign, some copywriters will be just too damn lazy on trying to construct personalized content formulas.

It’s no surprise to anyone that, on a world full of ads and offers, personalization is one of the main keys to catch the attention of any potential customer.

Marketing automation myths: it’s all spammy

At last, but not least… some people may believe that marketing automation is ‘a different, classy, type of SPAM’. Let’s get to it, SPAM is SPAM because it’s irrelevant content.

With marketing automation, information and content is triggered on prospects based on who and what ‘they are’, what they like, and how they got to find you in the first place.

So what do you think? Did you really believed in these marketing automation myths? Which others prevail in the common fears within the market, in your opinion?

Helga Esteb /