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You know, LinkedIn has grown A LOT since its early days. More and more people, from different industries now have at least their personal and professional profile developed on this social network.

Coolest feature: the LinkedIn Groups

As having your resume online may be enough to give it a try, LinkedIn has a much, much more powerful feature: the LinkedIn Groups.

Basically, LinkedIn Groups allows professionals to virtually meet through some sort of what we knew as «forums» (remember Yahoo Forums?), in which people can interchange opinions, discussions and articles, among other type of contents.

So, it’s natural for us in eMMa to try to connect with the industry professionals, and we’ve made our little research on remarkable LinkedIn Groups that would talk about automation marketing. We want to share it with you; it’s important to mention that we added a pair of groups that have mobile marketing and related topics as their central conversation, because… well, just because.

So, here we go:

Marketing automation software

Originated from USA, the group focuses on marketing automation best practices to demand generation expertise: this group is intended for sharing knowledge of marketing automation. It’s not that big, but 2000 members is good enough to give it a try.

Marketing automation experts

This group is for professionals who work in or are interested in the fields of marketing automation, systematic demand generation or rules-based lead nurturing. Among pure «marketing automation» LinkedIn Groups, this one’s the biggest, having more than 12000 members today.

Marketing Automation Network

This group is for professionals who work in or are interested in the fields of e-mail marketing, behavioral targeting, marketing automation, CRM, systematic demand generation or rules-based lead nurturing. It has barely more than 1300 members, but it’s also worth a try.

Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more

Talk huge! We highly recommend you to be around here, as it has a large database of more than 270000 members. As its title states it, its professionals involved talk about digital marketing, social media, search, mobile marketing, content marketing, marketing cloud, data marketing, personalised marketing advertising, and other related topics. One interesting is that it’s not only US based, as we can watch over members and administrators from UK and Australia.

Mobile Marketing & Advertising

Last but not least, as this group is also monster sized. With over 225000 members, its description is not too long, but conversations are quite active; and it’s legitimately based on UK, so it’ll be good to see you there, sire.

So what do you think? Let’s catch ourselves there, we will really enjoy connecting on LinkedIn!

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