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Yep, you know it. iPhone 7 is coming and also iOS 10 is just about to be launched. Previously, we already shared with you some reasons about how iMessage is just a wonderful tool for mobile marketing.

But with iOS 10 everything will just get better, specifically with push notifications. iOS 10 aims to create bigger opportunities and richer conversations and interactions with users through push notifications, and marketers / developers are just open up with the possibility to take some advantage of this advancements.

As of today, iOS 10 is available in beta version for developers and mobile professionals. If you ain’t one of them, be sure to check out the new features that’ll be available from September 2016.

So, what’s new on iOS 10 for push notifications?

  • In iOS 10, you’ll be able to see pending notifications, and then replace them with new ones that have updated information. This is great for mobile marketers who provide «breaking news» or instant information through notifications (basically, the new notification ID replaces the old one and push its to the top of the stack).
  • Mobile peeps will get to see more info on how users interact with notifications. The push notifications’ development platform in iOS10  will provide you with metrics to see how users react to the alerts they are sending.
  • In iOS 10, users will be able to download rich media (photos, audio, videos, and others) directly from push notifications. This creates new and fascinating opportunities to interact directly through notifications.
  • Customization will be also available. In iOS 10, a push notification can include a customized text field with a personalized message to the recipient, a call to action to confirm for an event, among other types of customizations that’ll get you directly into the users’ heart and mind.

And yes, don’t forget iMessage is now «open»

We don’t want to finish this article without remembering why iMessage’s platform opening to developers is plainly too damn great.

Just imagine, companies pay lots and lots of greens for reaching customers through social media – then imagine what would happen if they get get the opportunity to access potential customers one on one.

Possibilities become endless. If platforms like iMessage open up to crossings between data and messaging, they may as sure outrank social media in some sort of way.

So, what do you think? iOS 10 is worth a try from the marketing and developer perspective? Share, comment and subscribe!

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