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Yeah, it’s the digital era. Having a mobile device is fundamental to lots and lots of people, so it’s natural that smartphones, tablets and other gadgets convert into the perfect media for marketers to establish direct contact with their audiences.

Invest in mobile marketing: a wise choice

We don’t want to make you «obey», but let’s face it: mobile marketing is A MUST in your communication planning today – it just outclasses tradicional marketing and loyalty strategies.

So either you’re one early adopter, or you’re just trying some luck, to invest in mobile marketing is a very wise choice. Really, sooner or later you’ll find a very nice return of investment tendency in between your pockets!

So here we share with you, three (well, four) different reasons to invest in mobile marketing, once and for all.

Mobile marketing won’t stop (for a long time) being functional

We don’t want too look nerdish, but the study «State of The Industry: Mobile Marketing» states that 91% of the surveyed specialists considered incrementing their mobile marketing budget for 2017. So that’s 9 out of each 10 people, talk about tendencies!

Multi channel nature

Different apps, even video game ones, show us some really cool examples on how to deploy messages in a very versatile way. It may sound as cliché, but Pokémon Go is one cool example in how the game / app itself can make use of SMS, WhatsApp, social media and other channels to create a solid campaign that’s compatible with almost all platforms, approaching new audiences that way.

The resurrection of SMS

Yes friends, SMS came eventually back to life thanks to mobile marketing. Being a traditional channel today, SMS prevails in marketing campaigns and transactional employments; or so it states Salesforce’s 2016 State of Marketing (UK), in which we can find out that the use of SMS in marketing has grown 111% in the past 12 months (what the…).

Bonus: Ever heard about WhatsApp marketing?

We didn’t wanted to close this article without making a mention to WhatsApp marketing. As the app claims itself the golden medal when it comes to messaging platforms, its functionality is much more than delivering text messages. You can share with your customers or potential customers tons of images, GIFs, videos, audios… it’s a blast!

So, what are you up to? Do you consider to invest in mobile marketing anytime soon? Please share, comment and subscribe!

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