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When something becomes trendy, everyone wants a little piece of THE CAKE. Marketing automation, as well, has incremented its popularity, and there are lots of companies and businesses that want to hop on the ship of automation.

But that’s something to be done carefully. Going into marketing automation requires lots of several other things done previously, so the initiative does not ends in a catastrophe.

So, just before you pay for that marketing automation platform or you sign with that marketing automation agency, be sure to check out these singular points to know if you’re ready or not to go into marketing automation.

What to know and check out to hop (or not) into marketing automation

  1. Your leads must be coming just not from referrals. Inbound marketing leads are a must before you go into marketing automation.
  2. You must be over content marketing, YES or YES. You cant not pretend to enter to an automated workflow if you don’t have any content to share with prospects.
  3. Your website traffic must be over 5,000 every month, and that’s a minimum quota.
  4. Your lead database must be at least over 10,000 records. Yes, consider this.
  5. And of course, you have to have the time, the money and the courage to go into marketing automation.

You have to know that automation marketing is not just a tool, but a market philosophy. Many of the successful companies work several months or years to morph into the lead lifecycle that a marketing automation platform can offer, so don’t expect just to be an instant cure, it’s a process of continual improvement.

You’ve to go the inbound method before going into marketing automation

Whatsoever, and as we stated, you must first go full into inbound marketing and build a natural presence in your niche, creating compelling content that demonstrates your brand authority over an specific audience.

Then again, when that’s really done and compelled, the marketing automation door can be opened. Don’t hesitate on trying to open it, because marketing automation can be THE opportunity to rethink the way you conquer the market, by matching your content and process to the user’s journey.

Now, if you think you are ready to take a next step into marketing automation, we won’t stop you. But be careful. And then again, we are waiting for your thoughts and comments below.

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