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Internet entered our lives -oh yes, thanks- more than 30 years ago. Global connection made possible the «kick-off» of a new era, in which business would have to invest heavily to keep in the public and commercial spot.

From then, we have long gone a kilometric road. Social media and digital networks started to leverage a very important role in the world structure, provoking important changes, either in consumers’ psychology as in the birth of new business models, such as eCommerce.

With more or less arguments, today we stand in the mobile marketing era. In which we have to adapt lots of tools and techniques to a new, abrupt online world, in which consumers are the main center of the attention of any business.

The big bounty in mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is not only the addition of ads in apps or websites. It’s a gigantic world, sometimes frightening, but always passionate.

As of today, mobile marketing is ought to be the marketing branch with the highest expected growth in the next years.

And here, everything is reflected on the green ones. Studies made by Ditrendia brand show that income by mobile marketing grew from $6,600 million dollars in 2014 to $12,000 millions in 2015 (practically going X2!).

So you have to think of this as the era of the pirates, trying to discover new worlds and adventures. Businesses that prepare themselves with weapon and armory will get the best treasures.

Employ yourself with the best machinery

In that sort of lecture, there are quite some useful weapons that’ll make you the most tenacious tactician to exploit mobile marketing over its 100% of capacity (excluding some ‘basic’ rules as of today, like having a responsive site for mobile devices):

  • Gammification: the use of video games with the objective to motivate customers or employees. You know what they say: «Involve and I’ll understand«.
  • Blended marketing: the use of englobing online and offline marketing efforts at the same time. From a blended marketing strategy we may drive what’s called cross bound marketing.
  • QR codes and augmented reality: you may have long know them until now. They can make a mobile device interact with a printed code to drive you to a link, virtual product or another type of marketing activation.
  • Push notifications: we already developed a unique article for this one. Please yourself and read it!

So what do you think, brave pirate? Are you willing to conquer your customers’ heart with mobile marketing this year? The bounty is quite big. Think of it!