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Okay dude, do you know all that Google Play offers for Developers? As any app store, the Google Play store is very interested in get visits from users to download new and great Apps, btu for that activity is needed developers uploading their creations every day.

And to do this, the environment is called Google Play Developer Console, which allows developers to publish applications and easily distribute them directly to users of mobile devices.

Google Play Developer: Basics concepts involved in the process of an app

In this game of developing Apps, the process of sending and publishing an App there are some roles and actors and terms that you need to know (it’s mandatory!)

  • The Developer: any guy, person or animal (even any company) registered at Google Play and of course with the approval of Google to deploy their products in the store.
  • Developer Account: account is a publication that is assigned to programmers, and enables them to distributing products through Google Play Store.
    Developer Console:
    the Google Play console for developers that manages product distribution and administrative functions related to these.

What is the main thing you should consider a developer to send an app via Google Play Developer Console?

In general, Google Play objectives is to help users to find what they are looking for, while Android helps to distribute more applications; all this to the few that serves the developer market and Google Play for developers help them establish their brands.

A significant factor that Google takes into account the applications that are metadata you submit your app. These are defined as data from the data (if it sounds like something said in Inception), or in other words are the indicators that together with user reviews prove to be the variables that are taken into account when ranking ranking apps in the store Google.

Un factor significativo que Google toma en cuenta en las aplicaciones que envías son los metadatos de tu app. Estos se definen como los datos de los datos (si, suena como algo dicho dentro de Inception),o dicho de otro modo son los indicadores que en conjunto con las reseñas de los usuarios resultan ser las variables que se toman en cuenta cuando se ordenan las apps en el ranking de la tienda de Google.

That said, where you need to focus your attention on metadata apps are:

  • Writing App Title: Speaks for itself. Try using a name that shows exactly what the App does to the user.
  • App Description: This is the first sentence should say clearly what the application is.
  • To include actual screenshots to show contents of the App. It also include video previews, as these are compelling components that trap the user showing what the application is.

Eventually, something that you will have to take into account, from the perspective of a Google Play Developer (once published your app) is to monitor user reviews, what is a sign of great weight for rankings; for this reason is by which developers need to devote resources to build relationships and participatory experiences with their users.

Yes, we know this is basic but, no worries, we’ll give you advanced tips in next posts. Now, tell us how it was your first time in Google Play 😉

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