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Welcome again, fellas. As you may already have guessed from the title of this article, we want to touch a little deeper in email marketing, and specifically, in email marketing automation.

Our partners at Mittum have long provided us with some cool tips for email marketing, and now we want to explain to our community what exactly can email marketing automation bring to your business, and the «do’s and don’ts» while employing it.

First and golden rule: segmenting

First steps first. A golden rule in email marketing is segmenting your email list; that’ll allow you to provide customized experiences to users / subscribers. For email marketing automation, this is not a suggestion, this is a MUST – only by segmenting your list you’ll be able to communicate «directly» to your potential consumers, making every letter relevant.

What content fits best? Let ‘em choose

Don’t worry or rush yourself on trying to get the best on automation email marketing by «guessing what’s best». Give the opportunity to your subscribers, from the opt-in form, to change their subscription preferences, as well as letting them choose on how often they want to be contacted, what do they want to hear about, etc.; that way you will let subscribers auto-segment themselves for you.

Then again, ask them what they want to consume

As it may get obvious, this is one tip for email marketing automation that you don’t have overlook. What we recommend is that the first email a new subscriber should see (after the opt-in confirmation), would have to be one thats asks him or her to answer why did they signed up in your site in first place.

As you may think this is orthodox, pay attention to the process itself; the subscriber will surely let you know some things that’ll help you in managing the correct flux of automated content and newsletters, and that’ll provide you (and him / her) with a virtuous relationship. Flowers bloom for everyone!

Final notes for email marketing automation

Last but not least. We want to remember you that while having large subscribers lists may seem cool, it’s not really THAT point which counts best for automating email marketing.

What you have to focus on, is having active subscribers. And for that, you have to constantly try to refine your email list.

Even then, automation can help you. You can send break up emails to users that have not opened one of your emails in a while; the formula is an easy one… if they don’t reply to it, you know you can just cut them out. Don’t hesitate on doing so, though, as inactive subscribers will just deliver poor lists in the future.

So, what do you think about these best practices? Are you up to email marketing automation this days? Please comment, share and subscribe!

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