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Yes, we all know it. Once something related to technology is just released, there’ll be errors around the corner. But… iOS10 has gone just too far.

Installing iOS10? Hold on a second!

Recently, Apple launched iOS10, the new acquisition for iPhone’s operating system. But installing it may drive you to turn your iPhone into trash, literally. Some major telecomm players, such as T-Mobile, have even gone recommending iPhone 6 users ‘to wait a little bit’ before installing it.

Some big bugs have been reported when installing iOS10 on iPhone 6, 6+ & SE, but even iPhone 7 users aren’t free of fatal errors… in fact, they’re the most affected ones!

The biggest issue is that in iPhone 7, when turning on «Airplane Mode», the mobile device literally just loses its capacity to recover its service as mobile phone.

Thing is, that quite a few peeps already installed iOS10 on their iPhones, and problem report has not been scarce; in all cases, Apple is «searching for solutions». On affected users, Apple is of course willing to help them and give ‘em what they deserve, but that doesn’t eliminates the fact that Tim Cook’s company is showing some major weaknesses.

Don’t misjudge us

Hey, one thing is sure: we don’t want you to misunderstand what we’re trying to say. We are really anxious to unbox iOS10’s true mobile marketing power, but issues reported today may make us to wait a lil’ bit longer before going all steady with it.

Because with iOS10, everything related to mobile marketing is expected to just get better, specifically with push notifications. iOS 10 aims to create bigger opportunities and richer conversations and interactions with users through push notifications, and marketers / developers are just open up with the possibility to take some advantage of this advancements.

Everything is scoped to be just too darn better, and it’s basically because of this four reasons:

  • In iOS 10, you’ll be able to see pending notifications, and then replace them with new ones that have updated information. This is great for mobile marketers who provide “breaking news” or instant information through notifications (basically, the new notification ID replaces the old one and push its to the top of the stack).
  • Mobile peeps will get to see more info on how users interact with notifications. The push notifications’ development platform in iOS10  will provide you with metrics to see how users react to the alerts they are sending.
  • In iOS 10, users will be able to download rich media (photos, audio, videos, and others) directly from push notifications. This creates new and fascinating opportunities to interact directly through notifications.
  • Customization will be also available. In iOS 10, a push notification can include a customized text field with a personalized message to the recipient, a call to action to confirm for an event, among other types of customizations that’ll get you directly into the users’ heart and mind.


So, are you up already with iOS10? Have you experienced any problems? Please comment, share and subscribe.

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