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Today, technological tools are meant to be social if they’re willing to generate meaningful and personalized customer experiences.

Give up on customers, focus on relationships

The reality is that marketing professionals who aim to develop relationships rather than just customers and cold numbers may get three times more referrals than those who don’t do it. But, developing thousands of strong customer relationships is a rather demanding journey.

So, you may get it now: automation is the key. But, it may also get to be the problem on developing long scale customer relationships. With automation tools, you can simplify a conversational workflow, but you can also over-automatize it too much and make it too impersonal.

And that’s why, in many cases, people aim to avoid this type of technology and prefer to harvest customer relationships in an old fashion. Any way, you can always try on getting your hands into these tools that’ll help you manage customer relationships ‘the right way’ (and lie at some point while trying too look always «personal» with everyone, heh):

  • CRMs: CRM systems focus on tracking information relevant to businesses, but they also have room for introducing social information, which is fundamental for customer relationships.
  • Marketing automation tools: What can we say here? As eMMa it’s our every day dose. Marketing automation is great for providing structures that make constant contact with several people through the same message basis.
  • Social media: Rather than just being ‘media’, social media are also tools for developing customer relationships. One cool example is Linkedin, which focuses on professional networking but also adds social functions (as the skill endorsement) that help to build «bonds» between users (and obviously, between brands and users).


The right key to automate customer relationships

Look, we don’t really know it all. What we can really, really give you in advise is to follow the next steps while driving automation to your company for keeping neat customer relationships:

  • Be proactive, try to generate «next steps» while overlooking social information generated from your different tools to please your customers.
  • Be a time saver, try to use the most from the least. Otherwise meant, find your right tools, gather the info you need and act quickly, because today is 1 customer, but tomorrow you may have a thousand and time will be a precious resource you’ll miss on trying to please ‘em all.
  • Be personal. Every bit of communication deployment is better when it’s personal. Unique information will help you at this.


So, are you ready? Go for it, keep that customer relationships as neat as possible, good luck!

Image: ShutterStock