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Joder, oh yes, they nailed it again! Recently, the «2016 European Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark» developed by Forrester Research determined that CaixaBank is placed best (gold medal!) in the list of best banking apps originated from the «european big eleven» (the 11 most powerful financial retail entities in Europe).

Welcome to CaixaBank empire

You see, Forrester’s list was made by reviewing the main functionalities from a pool of 46 banking institutions worldwide. Worldwide speaking, «la caixa» accomplishes second place for the second year consecutively – the Spanish / Catalan originated entity obtained 85 points out of 100 in the research.

«CaixaBank’s a step ahead in Europe, win a superb level in basic functions and wide transaction possibilities, as in new generation services and marketing/sales options» – Forrester Research

According to data from the first half of 2016, the bank overpassed the record of 3 million monthly mobile banking customers (talk about big, they grew 16% in relation to 2015!)

If we set the scope to Spain, exclusively, CaixaBank is featured as the banking entity with the biggest number of active customers in a mobile banking solution. What is just much more relevant from this case, is that out of 5 transactions, one is made through mobile banking.

That has delivered in an exponential commercial growth, in which each day more and more financial products are acquired directly through mobile; the most demanded options are account consulting, transactional services and securities trading. It’s also interesting to note that 20% of CaixaBank’s customers use it to access «My Finances«, to manage their income, personal expenses and family related expenses (too).

Plainly, CaixaBank’s mobile offer is wide: there are financial apps, mobile platforms, SMS based alerts, and lots of things that customers can configure depending their preferences.

Flipando en colores

It’s safe to say estos tíos are just one step ahead. We just want to remark that they’re also on the Internet of Things era, as CaixaBank has services for wearables and smart-cars (FordSYNC vehicles with the AppLink system); every bit of data is connected to the CaixaMóvil Store, the first mobile app store created by a financial entity.

Finally, the cherry for the cake comes in form of ImaginBank, which is the first mobile only bank settled up in Spain, and the first in the world that operates exclusively through mobile apps and social media.

So, we just want to say… BRAVO; CaixaBank, ImaginBank, and  all the «caixa family»… that’s the spirit in mobile marketing!

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