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They deserve a thug life video. They deserve the light-spot in a yo-mama fight. Some companies are just rocking with automation marketing campaigns.

Here in eMMa, there’s nothing more pleasant than watching wonderfully deployed automation marketing campaigns (except chocolate, chocolate is superb). Of course, it’s better when those campaigns are of our customers.

Anyway, while riding the big wave named Internet we spotted one nice example regarding automation marketing campaigns, that will leave you with a sense of awe.

BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed

Yep, you sure know BuzzFeed. Lots of media contents are born here, being one of the preferential sites for english speaking users. And they’re just as loose minded as our eMMa team:

Through its email marketing program, BuzzFeed leverages automation marketing campaigns of all sorts, catered to subscribers’ specific interests (from Sports to Health, to Animals). From BuzzFeed’s own data, it’s stated that email marketing is one of the top 5 referrers of website traffic.

The very nice thing here is that many -a lot- of aspects in these newsletters are automated. For example, BuzzFeed uses automation marketing in their educational courses. In the next example, we see the graphic art regarding a «Four Week Get Fit Challenge«. The thing here is, that after a subscriber signs up for the course, they get a series of emails on different tips for getting fit.

Example of BuzzFeed's automation marketing campaigns / Photo: business2community

Example of BuzzFeed’s automation marketing campaigns / Photo: business2community


And you know, thinking again, BuzzFeed teaches us that even the largest media sites rely on automation marketing campaigns. And if you also employ email marketing, then you have a large winning formula.

So then again, what’s stopping you from your first automation marketing campaigns?

Errr… hold a second. So you’re encouraging me to drive into automation marketing campaigns?

Maybe you just thought that. And yes, we would like (really) for you to be our consumer (…)

But we are way too ethic to make you sign a contract without telling you that you must be quite sure to check out these singular points to know if you’re ready or not to go into marketing automation.

  1. Your leads must be coming just not from referrals. Inbound marketing leads are a must before you go into marketing automation.
  2. You must be over content marketing, YES or YES. You cant not pretend to enter to an automated workflow if you don’t have any content to share with prospects.
  3. Your website traffic must be over 5,000 every month, and that’s a minimum quota.
  4. Your lead database must be at least over 10,000 records. Yes, consider this.
  5. And of course, you have to have the time, the money and the courage to go into marketing automation.

Well, that’s all for today, folks!

Roman Tiraspolsky /