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Every day there is a greater volume of business working hard to integrate marketing automation tools (Hooray for them!).

If this sound to you like we are speaking Martian, then let us explain. The marketing automation is the process -by using tools- where different communication actions are developed to automate some processes (which otherwise they would some guys in your company).

In general, marketing automation tools are the ‘special factors’ for all your brand messages to arrive without proper public failure.

Hey, don’t break your brain with this. The marketing automation is as old as the last time the Athletics was champion, but is now when become popular by the hand of inbound marketing.

So, today is too important to understand him because it is the passage between the initial marketing strategy of the brand and gaining conversions.

Introducing Mobile Marketing Automation

Yes, for us this is a very importante topic because eMMa is just that, a Mobile Marketing Automation Tool.

And because of this (we love it!) Y es por eso mismo que nos encanta, que te vamos a dar una breve introducción al mundo del marketing automation, de la mano de los 3 conceptos básicos que debes conocer en este ramo de la industria inbound.

This are the 3 main points that precisely give value to use such tools. Without wordy,they are as follows:

  1. Lead rating: tools like eMMa help you to generate much more numerous bases data, which become rubrics of your records obtained. That is in itself the technique of scoring lead or lead assessment.
  2. Lead nurturing: subsequently, the process of lead nurturing becomes a communicative action that is automating and customizing the needs of your campaign.
  3. It is through this process that you are creating with automated data processes, which can share with all the people involved that you need to meet your business goals.

If you do not convince you entirely about marketing automation, we invite you to contact us. Indeed, this is no longer just a matter of companies like Amazon, you too!


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