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Ever heard of the Bankia Fintech Program? Mainly, we’re talking about a startup-boost program in that’ll soon kick off its operation; for our interest, it’s holding a big part of Spain’s fintech industry main referrals (this program is mainly focused on developing a strong fintech ecosystem in Spain).

About Bankia Fintech Program by Innsomnia

Many of Bankia Fintech Program startups are integrated by people with bunch of banking experience, which pack themselves with a golden generation of young developers.

Properly named «Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia«, this program has just finished its early stage in which projects are selected to be accelerated and incubated.

There’s been a selection of 15 startups, in which all of them will be incubated and accelerated in Valencia; this edition of the Bankia Fintech Program will span from October 2016 to June 2017.

The selection has been made from a total of 48 startups – market experts calculate that this is around 40% of Spain’s fintech sector, in which (roughly) 120 different projects are participating; after the first phase, 25 projects were elected and after interviews and initial conversations, only 15 remained.

The 15 selected

These 15 startups are focused on trying to bring solutions to a wide spectrum of industries through Spain, from Madrid, Asturias, Castellón, Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona.

We’re going to be short and precise while mentioning ‘em, take a look:

  • ARM: Madrid based fintech, for risk management in real time and minimization of its effects on defaults and refinancing.
  • Betterplace: Born from Asturias and oriented in biometrics, driving geolocalized data to companies and financial institutions.
  • Brickfunding: Madrid based startup focused mainly in real-state crowdfunding.
  • Chip-Chap: This Castellón originated startup is a payment solutions concentrator that used different systems and exchanges.
  • Declarando: Advisor bot that provides consultancy solutions to stand-alone workers (in Spain they are known as «autónomos»).
  • Exportory: From Alicante, this tool helps small businesses to minimize risks on product exportation.
  • Handbe: Also on biometrics, this startup develops users’ identifiers through palm traces without physical contact.
  • Inespay: Mobile payments app that provides real time solutions between customers and businesses.
  • Marketpay: From Barcelona, this startup provides secure payment solutions to online marketplaces.
  • Pety Cash: It’s like a digital pocket fused with a social media platform that allows its users to interchange debt and credit between ‘em.
  • Simple Advisor: An intelligent robot that helps customers and advisors in patrimonial management.
  • Splitfy: From Valencia, this startup is focused on providing solutions  to different groups, regardless of their geographic boundaries.
  • The Logic Value: Valencia based too, it’s another advisor bot that values stock market listed companies.
  • Transfer Zero: From Madrid, this startup developed a simplified money sending solution mainly focused on immigrants.
  • Zank: Finally, from Barcelona, this startup facilitates personal loans to young people, with intuitive and simplified tools that make investment easier.


Did you know that…

Originally, there were going to be only 10 projects inside the Bankia Fintech Program this year, but the committee decided to increase the number to 15. That’s parallel to the creation of the Bankia Fintech Club, in which participants that succeeded in completing the 1st selection phase will be invited to participate (and yep, it’ll also be sponsored by Innsomnia).


Image: ShutterStock