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Today, thanks to mailing and newsletters, business can really connect with their audiences and deliver them news about their products or services.

However, although mailing is quite important, many people prefer to cancel their subscription to these email marketing campaigns cause they don’t find any content that results attractive.

Kaput! That’s the moment when you’ve to change strategies and search for new methods to preserve these relationships (you know, they give you money,,, do you want to lose money?).

In general, automation marketing tools are the ‘special factors’ for all your brand messages to arrive without proper public failure.

So, today is too important to understand what can automation marketing generate to your brand, because it is the passage between its initial marketing strategy and gaining conversions (and baby, you KNOW you LOVE conversions!).

And then, automation marketing is born…

You know, automation marketing is that one who’s made when you mail customers (well, potential customers) in order to recover them or guide them to buy in your online store, download your content, among others.

That’s the point, when email marketing just not turns as a dialogue tool, but a much more monetized and relationship based one with automation marketing.

The idea here, is to make each bit of your communication rich enough to make users visit you and come back lots of times, offering them things that they won’t forget.

With automation marketing tools such as eMMa you can set up a powerful automated email marketing campaign, for example. However, doing such thing isn’t easy.

Keeping the customers’ attention will be they key task in here, and you must be aware that they can ‘get tired’ of your brand.

What does an automation marketing campaign must contain for it to be lovely?

That’s why, we share you 3 small but powerful guidelines that have to be within your automation marketing campaigns for them to be successful:

  1. Promise fulfillment must be a reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products or services, your campaigns must always communicate exactly what the user will be obtaining with you.
  2. Regulate your automation marketing campaigns tempo. You know you can’t saturate users with excessive campaigns.
  3. Personalized emails combined with automation marketing are good initiatives for our customers to develop a reasonable trust quota with brands and products. With automation marketing capabilities, you can really get right to the spot and show them you know their likes and tastes, centering your strategy in what they really want to hear.

So there you go, we invite you to implement these guidelines within your strategy. Please come back and share your experience… until then, adios amigos!

Image: ShutterStock